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Breakfast and After School Clubs

Breakfast Club

Breakfast club runs every day from 8.00am Monday- Friday for children from Reception- Year 6 at £2 per session. 

There are limited spaces available for breakfast club. If you are interested please ask for a Breakfast Club form from the school office. This has to be completed before you can attend. 

After School Clubs

* Due to current restrictions we are not holding any after school clubs.

We run a number of after school clubs throughout the year.  A club usually runs for half a term from 3.30-4.30.

All children eligible to join an after school club are given a letter to take home to their parents which gives details of the club.  The reply slip needs to be returned to the school if they want to attend the club.

When given a place to attend an after school club 

-  Children should attend all sessions of the club.  Children who drop out or attend a limited number of sessions deprive others of the experience.

-  Parents should collect their child promptly at 4.30 when the club finishes.