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Our School

We are proud of our school and of the difference we make to the life and the future of our community. Our aim is to provide a stimulating, happy and caring atmosphere where our children can learn and develop. We want each child to achieve their potential and to grow as an individual.

Our Vision

At Southwark Park we take pride in being a friendly, caring and welcoming community. We believe very strongly that when children leave our school they should be confident, kind and tolerant individuals who have achieved their full potential academically and retain a love of and excitement in learning. 

We work to ensure that they are beginning to understand their place in society and their responsibility to the wider community. We promote aspiration, tolerance and the celebration of diversity within our local community.  Our core values are respect, responsibility and excellence; everyone at Southwark Park understands and lives by these.

Ethos & Values

As a community school we have been in the area since 1872 and have links to many people and organisations outside the school. We encourage children to work hard, to develop their enjoyment in learning and fascination with the world, and provide artistic, cultural and sporting opportunities to support their learning.

 We have moved to a restorative approach to behaviour and managing difference within the school. Children are encouraged to reflect and explore their feelings and to recognise the impact of their actions on the environment and people around them.