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Year 6 clothing grant for Secondary School

Message for parents/carers of  pupils who are currently in Year 6 and will be starting Secondary school in September 2021 and live in Southwark and will be attending a Southwark Secondary School only.

Parents/carers can apply for a clothing grant if they have a child aged 11 years old, that is moving from primary school to a secondary state or voluntary aided school in Southwark AND the parent/carer and child live in the borough of Southwark.

Parents/carers can apply via this link:


If the parent/carer and/or child does not live in Southwark but will be attending a Southwark school the parent/carer can contact their home local authority to see if they are providing this service. 

If parent/carer and/or child live in Southwark but will be attending a school outside of the borough of Southwark they can contact the local authority of the school their child will be attending in Year 7 to enquire whether they are providing this service.